Want Free Books? All You Do Is Review

Who doesn’t like free stuff? If you’re like me and enjoy reading (or just having a lot of books on your bookshelf that makes it look like you like to read) Thomas Nelson is looking for bloggers who are willing to read books and review them on their own personal blogs and on a consumer product website like Amazon or Yahoo.

I signed up and it was easy, simple and free. I haven’t received my first book yet, but a friend of mine is doing the same thing and has been doing so for about two months. The process is simple and the books are yours to keep. A program at Harper Collins is also available to read ‘tomorrow’s books, today’ but the reviewers are selected at random and each reviewer is not always chosen. The books come out monthly.

Thomas Nelson is a book company that is getting into the blogosphere and giving bloggers an opportunity to generate readership and reviews for their products. They’ve made the process simple and interactive and I am looking forward to having the opportunity to review some of their products right here on Hack-a-Life and other sites.

Do you know of other companies or sites that are giving bloggers chance to review their books for free? Let us and others know in the comment section!

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