Watch Movies for Free!

Have you ever rented a movie from Redbox? You know that Red Box that is inside of Albertsons, Wal-Mart or outside McDonalds? For a $1 a night you can rent a movie and if you keep it an extra night, its just another $1. No late fees or hidden fees. Its pretty simple, just choose a movie on line from, reserve it, then pick it up at your nearest Redbox location and take it home and enjoy it.

I know the $1 a night is a great deal but did you know you can watch them for free some nights? If you Join the SMS Network at you can get a Free Movie on Mondays. Also you can check out for codes to use throughout the week for Free movies. You can click by state to see what codes work in your area. Its a great way to see the newest releases for Free. Make sure and read the comments so you know which codes are working and some general information about how they work.

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