We’re All Connected, Even If We Don’t Know It

Check out this video below of a group of dancers that randomly show up at a train station in Belgium. Through choreographed dancing, they express the joy of moving in rhythm together.

We live in a world that is full of chaos and suffering. But this world is not without hope. And that hope lies in our ability to come together as communities of people and fight for common goals and ideals. To live in rhythm with each other and with the Earth, to be willing to fight injustice and protect one another.

HackALife is constantly trying to find for you the best tips and tricks to help you in your everyday life. But one of the best tips we can give you is not a budget saving idea or a trick to get ahead or save more time. Instead, its to value the people around you. Amid the busyness and stress of everyday life, stop for a moment, whether its in a crowded bus station, your workplace or your home, and enjoy the realization that we are all connected and that we can live in rhythm and harmony together if we would take the time to realize it.

Live out the joy of community today.

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