What Can You Give up to Save Money?

994012_25815042We each have our ‘little things’ we can’t live without. What are yours? Now lets turn that around and find the things we ‘can’ live without. In these tough economic times we have to continually be thinking of ways to save money. Below are a handful of ways to help you save money every month.

1. Get rid of the land line ~ Most everyone these days owns a cell phone, why not disconnect your land line and save approximately $25.00 a month for the monthly service and fees. You can save a bunch more if you tend to make out of state calls. That’s where the cell phone comes in hand, most contracts don’t charge extra for out of state, as long as you stay within your minutes.

2. Disconnect the cable ~ Yesterday I mentioned 5 Sites to Watch TV W/O Cable. Cable on average costs about $35-$50 every month.

3. Cancel you gym membership ~ Even if you only do it for the summer months, get outside and enjoy the weather and nature by running, riding your bike or hiking. If you want to cancel for good, try out some new exercise DVDs when the cooler weather hits. Average savings of $100 for a family of 4.

4. Cut out the weekly trip to your favorite restaurant ~ Try cutting back on eating out. Its tough but the amount you spend for a family of 4 is outrageous. Average savings is $40 weekly at a local chain.

5. Brown bag it ~ Take your lunch to work with you. Saving you about $6 every day = $30 a week, $120 every month.

If you combined all of these your total monthly savings would be approximately $445.00. Wow! That’s a savings of over $5,000 in a year.

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