What I Learned At Disneyland–New Year’s Style

This past week I was in California for a family wedding and we took the opportunity to visit the happiest place on Earth on one of the happiest days of the year…New Year’s Eve. It was an amazing experience with all of the rides and streets of Disneyland still decorated in their Christmas attire and the mood and excitement of all of the people there to celebrate was hopeful and anxious to begin a new year, a year full of new hopes, new dreams and new adventures.

Since we were only spending one day at Disneyland, we decided to get everything we could out of the day. We arrived at the park at 7:30AM and didn’t leave until the NEXT YEAR…midnight on January 1st! We spent approximately 17 hours in Disneyland and got the most out of everything that Disneyland AND California Adventures had to offer. I learned a lot of things during those 17 hours that will help me this New Year…here’s a list of a few.

1. 17 Hours is a long time to do anything: We raced through our morning, getting onto all the big rides while the lines were short. About four in the afternoon, we had done all the rides we could and we needed a nap. We managed to last the night, but I realized we could’ve paced ourselves a little better. Resolution Lesson: PACE YOURSELF! Resolutions are meant to be lasting changes to your lifestyle. Start small and simple and don’t put too high of expectations or commitments on yourself that you wear out too fast.

2. Have A Plan: We had a great strategy at Disneyland and we worked well together to accomplish our plan. While there were bumps and adjustments that we needed to make, we were able to respond well and continue to enjoy ourselves. Our plan was an important framework within which we then operated and enjoyed our day. Resolution Lesson: Have a plan this year for some goals or things you want to accomplish. It doesn’t have to be a day by day schedule or a high, lofty and constricting goal, but think about things you want to experience or do this year and lay out steps to accomplish that goal.

3. Life Can Be Really Fun: Even with the stress and fatigue we felt as the New Year came closer and closer, we still danced and had a fun time. The atmosphere at Disneyland was electric. People were dancing down Main Street, crowd attendants were doing disco with their safety lights and everyone was having a good time, despite the fact we were being herded like cattle around the park. Resolution Lesson: Don’t forget to take time to have fun this year with family and friends. Life is too short to be lived with a furrowed brow. As many problems as there are in the world and potentially in your life, sometimes laughter, dancing and time goofing off can be a great remedy for that stress.

4. You’re Never Too Old To Dream:Disnyeland is a magical place for all ages, stirring emotions and igniting hopes that things will get better. The only way things improve and get better is by taking action, and action starts with a dream, a vision. Its okay to shoot for the stars. Its okay to dream. Resolution Lesson: SHOOT FOR THE STARS when its comes to your hope for your life and your family. Work towards your goals long enough and THEY WILL become reality!

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