What is The PocketMod?

I was searching the Internet for a free organizer and stumbled across The PocketMod website. The free recyclable personal organizer. The PocketMod is a new way to keep yourself organized. Basically the PocketMod is a piece of paper that you create, print off, cut and fold to fit in your wallet or purse. You click on the link Build a PocketMod now! and create your own PocketMod. They have lines, grids in three sizes, tables, story boards, music staff sheets and music tab sheets. They have a calendar tab, with a deadline plotter, appointment time-sheet, and full year calendars. Under the organizers tab, you will find shopping lists, task lists, food diary and more. Reference pages with conversions, formulas, tips tables(which really would come in handy for those hard to calculate dinners) and Morse code. They even have a tab with games, I guess you could have that ready for your kids when they get bored, unless you are a big Tic Tac Toe or Dots fan. You can also customize your own pages. They have a step-by-step folding instruction guide and if that isn’t easy enough you can watch the YouTube video on “How to fold your PocketMod”. I created one and the YouTube instructions were very easy to follow. You have to remember this is a small organizer but I was amazed at how many things I could actually fit on one piece of paper. Also you will need a flash player in order to run the application. Check it out and create your own PocketMod today.

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