What to do With Your Tax Refund

169849_3851Some people are getting hefty refunds back from their taxes and some are not. For those of you that are not getting a refund, ignore this. And for those of you that are but are contemplating what to do with your refund here are some helpful hints.

1. Pay off that Bill: If you have a credit card, loan or medical bill with a large balance, try to pay it off or get it to a manageable balance that is easily paid off in the near future.

2. Take a Family Vacation: If you have no bills and have some vacation days waiting to be used, take a family vacation. What better way to use your tax refund than to make memories with your family.

3. Make a Home Improvement: Your house is, for most, the biggest asset they have. Making a home improvement can help build equity in your home. For more info and options to help build equity in your home check out ourfamilyplace.com.

4. Buy Spring/Summer Clothes for the Whole Family: Its that time again, flowers blooming, the kids are growing and the change in weather all calling for some new fresh clothes for the beautiful sunny weather that is now showing its face.

5. Give to a Charity: If you have wanted to give to a charity but haven’t had the funds to help charities out like you would like to. Right now is the perfect time to help out and give to the charity of your choice.

6. Buy a New Needed Appliance or Electronics: If you are in need of a new TV, Computer or maybe even a washing machine. Now is the time to get those needed appliances, so that you don’t have to deal with a bill later.

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