Why You Need to Exercise?

901908_85408308Its so hard to start an exercise routine, but when you look at what exercise does for you physically and mentally, it becomes apparent how important it is to exercise.

Ongoing research shows us that exercise can:

  • Improve Memory
  • Speed up our reaction time
  • Improve balance
  • Increase our flexibility
  • Increase bone strength
  • Improve our psychological health
  • Improve quality of life

I think the best reason to exercise is because of how it makes you feel. It has been proven that exercise makes you happy. Researchers have found that after exercise, the levels of the chemical phenylethylamine in the body rise by around 77%.  Making exercise an obvious choice for those who suffer from depression or anxiety, it naturally eases symptoms.

You should be exercising at least 3 times a week. Working up to 20 minutes per session for general health maintenance. If your trying to lose weight, gradually work up to 45 minutes but keep the pace comfortable. Its always important to measure your heart rate, keeping your exercise heart rate within a range of 55 to 80 percent of an estimated maximum heart rate(220 minus your age).

Once you start an exercise routine, you will see the benefits of how your body looks and feels then you will start to enjoy working out. It takes some time but the way you feel after you get into your exercise groove will help keep you going. If you need help starting an exercise program, Web MD has 10 fitness tips to help you get started with a workout program and stick with it.

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