Writing Sympathy Cards

1183089_63528686A common question asked is, When is it too late to send a sympathy card? The answer is simple, Its never too late.

Writing a sympathy card within a week after hearing of a death is always ideal. But if you miss that time frame or find out about a death months later, there’s no actual deadline., so go ahead and send a note. As with so many other things in life, late is definitely better than never. A card sent weeks, a month or a year later after the death can still be a source of comfort and healing. You may be afraid of “bringing it up,” but they are still grieving. Your gesture will still be appreciated, perhaps even more now. Other people soon forget a few months after someone has passed but the person who lost that loved one doesn’t forget and still needs that support.

First rule of thumb would be to keep your message short. When dealing with deaths the loved ones will not be able to focus on too much and although they appreciate the gesture, that’s really all they need.

Do you need help to find the right words to say in a sympathy card? If so How-to-write-a-sympathy-card.com has some great tips, examples and etiquette for writing sympathy cards.

So don’t be afraid to send out those sympathy cards, the gesture will be much appreciated.

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